It has been signed the Cooperation Agreement between the Archives of Kosovo and Macedonia


On May 14, 2018, in Pristina, the renewal of the Cooperation Agreement between the State Archives of the Kosovo Archives and the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia was signed at the KASA premises. The renewal of the Cooperation Agreement is signed by the Chief Executive Officer of KASA, Ramë Manaj and Director of Macedonian State Archives, Kiril Petrov.

Since KASA is under the umbrella of MCYS, to honor and support this event, representative from the MCYS was Mr. Xhevat Bajrami, director of the Department of Youth, who in a word case greeted the attendees and congratulated the two institutions for signing the Cooperation Agreement.

Both leaders of the archival institutions expressed their readiness that this cooperation will be at the highest official level with the commitment of both parties to support, promote and carry out activities of each other in the field of archivism.

The Cooperation Agreement signed by the parties emphasizes that they will develop cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual interest, on the basis of financial possibilities and in accordance with the national legislation in force in the respective country as well as with the international agreements signed by them.

They will also conduct mutual research in order to complete the archive funds and archives with copies of documents, with the possibility of obtaining copies ordered only upon written request from the respective archive manager or with his authorization, while the exchange of copies will be realized by Protocol, signed by both parties, and will exchange their archival journals and will publish expert articles and scientific contributions in the field of archival work.

The delegation from the State Archives of the Republic of Macedonia, composed by Kiril Petrov, the director, Muzafer Bislimi - Deputy Director and Svetlana Usprcova - Head of Collaboration, had the opportunity to visit the KASA warehouse and the working premises such as: the digitalization laboratory, the reading room, library etc. who expressed their admiration for the work being done in this institution.