On World Music Day, MCYS announces awards in this field


Today, June 21, is the World Music Day, known as the "Fête de la Musique" (Music Festival). The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, in honor of this day, announces the laureates of the annual awards in the field of music, specifically the National Award on Life’s Work "Niketë Dardani" and other annual awards in this field.

Based on the evaluations of the Professional Jury for awarding prizes in the field of music, Minister Vlora Dumoshi has decided that the award for lifetime achievement "Niketë Dardani" will be awarded to the composer Vinçenc Gjini, considered a multifaceted music professional and the half-century contribution in the field of music.

"First of all, I would like to congratulate all musicians, artists and music professionals, composers and all music lovers on World Music Day. Kosovo also joins other countries in the world with the celebration of this day. I wish all the winners the best. These state awards given by the MCYS are a gratitude and thanks for the work that these artists and music professionals have created by contributing to the cultivation of genuine musical values. I would also like to thank the members of the Professional Jury for their evaluations, who have not found it easy to select the best among the candidates ", said among others Minister Dumoshi.

Other annual awards in the field of music are as follows:

The award for vocal-instrumental and stage musical work is awarded to the composer Valton Beqiri, for the work "Rrugëtimi", as a major national work which deals with the motive of resistance through the musical diversity of the Albanian ethnos;

The award for orchestral-symphonic and concert work is given to the composer Kreshnik Aliçkaj, for the work "Concert" for guitar and orchestra, for the continuous and interactive dynamic relationship between the solo instrument and the orchestra;

The award for chamber work is awarded to the composer Drinor Zymberi for the work "Trance" for orchestra of bows for compactness and compositional finding;

The award for choral work is given to the composer Hajrullah Syla for the work "Ubi Caritas" for mixed choir for the original point of view of the composition;

The award for solo and duo works is given to the composer Mehdi Mengjiqi for the work "Discantus" for solo double bass for bringing back the values of "discantus" in modern times through the preservation of the formal context.

All awards are also rewarded with financial amounts according to the regulation on music prizes. It is also planned to organize a solemn ceremony for the awarding of these prizes, but due to the circumstances of pandemic, the ceremony will be organized on a suitable date.

The professional jury which reviewed and analyzed the musical works presented in the competition was composed of the composer Prof. Dr. Vasil S. Tole - chairman, composer Rafet Rudi and composer and conductor Baki Jashari - members.