Minister Gashi: We will fulfill all our obliga-tions arising from the Strategy for the Preven-tion of Violent Extremism


Today, under the auspices of Minister Kujtim Gashi, was held the conference on launching projects supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in the field of Human Security, respectively projects for the Prevention of Violent Extremism.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has provided financial support to 19 civil society organizations, including youth cen-ters, projects that contribute to the Prevention of Violent Extremism for which the MCYS is mandat-ed.

Minister Gashi has signed the contracts with the beneficiaries of this program, empha-sizing that "As violent extremism is a global phenomenon and at present, poses a serious threat to in-ternational peace and security, MCYS remains committed to the Prevention of Extremism Violent and Radicalization leading to terrorism aimed at preventing extremism through the support of education for tolerance and access to professional development nationwide, with the involvement and engage-ment of central and local institutions, as well as religious communities and civil society.

"We will make efforts to continue and further promote democratic values and promote the tradition of re-ligious coexistence among communities. Our common vision is to cultivate a society that is based on the respect we share on human rights, the rule of law, equality and fundamental freedoms in Koso-vo", said among others Minister Gashi.

"We are aware that the challenges for governments and other actors are great, but our joint commitment especially with the youth community will bring even more tangible results to prevention. Addressing these challenges in order to prevent violent ex-tremism and radicalism is an urgent issue for the Republic of Kosovo. So once again we pledge to fulfill all our obligations to which the Government of Kosovo has mandated the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Strategy for the Prevention of Forced Extremism and Radicalism leading to Terrorism 2015-2020 during his speech Minister of MCYS.

While Kreshnik Xharra, Acting Director of the Department of Youth at MCYS, said that they expect fruitful and serious cooperation with organiza-tions. "We expect to have fruitful partnership and seriousness in the realization of our goals".

Mensur Morina from the Liza organization, a project beneficiary, said they would fight violent radicalism through the realization of these projects. "We are lucky to be here and we are the beneficiary of a fund. We will fight and prevent violent radicalization leading to terrorism".