Suhareka's youth are supported by MCYS through investment in sports


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, visited the municipality of Suhareka, where was welcomed by Mayor Bali Muharremaj. On this occasion, both have signed 3 memorandums: Memorandum for construction of the stadium in Studençan village, Memorandum for completion of the final stage of the city stadium, Tafollaj Family Tower Memorandum in Cadrak, Suhareka.

Minister of Culture Kujtim Gashi said that in addition to the 3 memorandums planned together with the Mayor Muharremaj will allocate the budget also for the construction of the stadium in Mushtisht.

"Within the visits I am having in the municipalities of Kosovo, today we are staying in Suhareka. We agreed to sign 3 memorandums of cooperation. The first is about the stadium in Studençan, which was my pledge. Today we agreed to start this project, and we will soon begin the first phase of this project. We agreed to finalize the final phase of the city stadium project. There will also be a restoration at the Tafolli family tower. I promised the president that we will also allocate funds for the stadium in Mushtisht. The budget has been increased by 9 million Euros. And I am glad that for the first time the Ministry of Culture has over 40 million Euros ", said Minister Gashi.

"The House of Culture project is an investment of the Ministry of Culture. Along with the mayor we are trying to push it further despite its difficulties. Technical problems have been found inherited but we will overcome it", said Gashi.

Meanwhile, regarding his promise to resettle the ministry in Prizren he said a part of the cabinet will be moved next month.

The minister said that "We are close to going to Prizren, we have some administrative issues and I believe that from the next month a part of the staff will move to Prizren".

Mayor of the Municipality of Bali Muharremaj said that together with the Minister of Culture signed 3 memorandums and the main requests of the municipality are presented.

"Today we signed 3 Memorandums where the value is over 600 thousand Euros. Mainly are the Memorandum for the construction of the stadium in the village of Studencani, Memorandum for completion of the final stage of the city stadium, Memorandum for the tower of the Tafollaj family in the village of Suhareka.

The Minister together with the First of Suhareka also visited the works being carried out at the Cultural House in this municipality.