The Creative Europe Agreement empowers areas of culture and creativity in Kosovo


Today, at the European Commission offices, Minister Kujtim Gashi has met with European Commissioner Tibor Navracsis, where was signed the agreement between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the European Union on Kosovo's participation in the European Culture Program to support the cultural and creative sectors.

Minister Gashi considers that the country's participation in the Creative Europe Program is important given the scope of the MCYS. "Support for the cultural and audiovisual sector from the program is in line with MCYS's priority policies for supporting initiatives in the cultural sector, such as cultural platforms, cultural network building, literacy translation as well as promotion, development, dissemination and access to audio-visual works", the minister said after signing the agreement.

Kosovo's participation in this program is very important when considering the promotion of activities in the cultural sector through cooperation projects; literary translation projects; networking; European platforms etc.

As a result, participation in this program will enable European artists and professionals, as well as thousands of creative organizations and publishers to work together and make their creative works available to millions of citizens.

Based on the fact that the creative Europe program contributes, inter alia, to the preservation of European cultural and linguistic diversity, to European goals for sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and to help the cultural and creative sectors adapt to the digital age and globalization, creation of new international opportunities, markets and audience - MCYS considers that participation in this program is very important, added Minister Gashi.

Participation in the creative Europe program will also contribute to capacity building in the cultural and creative sector by promoting the movement of cultural works and platforms and by improving access to European cultural and creative works and strengthening innovation and creativity in the field of culture. There will also be a particular impact on cooperation aimed at increasing innovation, inter-country mobility and exchange of best practices. In addition to the normative aspect, we as a ministry have already established the Kosovo Creative Workshop Kosovo-Office Culture as a mandate providing information and promoting the program, assisting cultural and creative sectors in relation to the program and opportunities offered, organizing events and sessions other issues related to Under Program in Culture within the European Creativity Program.

Since the beginning of the work of the Desk, information sessions were held in cooperation with the EU Information and Cultural Center to present general information on the Creative Europe Program, with the aim of informing cultural institutions, civil society organizations and the audience interested in Kosovo on the overall application processes.

Tibor Navrcsis, Commissioner for Education, Science, Culture and Youth, spoke about the importance of programs and perspectives given to non-member countries for participation in the programs concerned. Also, among other things, he stressed that a framework for the forthcoming budget period for the European Creative Program will be provided under which Kosovo will benefit.