Minister Gashi: Elite athletes are our priority


In the wake of the signing of memoranda in support of athletes, six memorandums of cooperation with six athletes were signed today in the Office of Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi.

The signing of these memoranda is done with the purpose of financial support for the period January - December 2018.

The athlete Distria Krasniqi is financially supported by 5 thousand and 400 Euros, while the athlete Nora Gjakova is supported by 4,000 800 Euros. The judo fighter Akil Gjakova, based on the signed memorandum, is financially supported by 4 thousand and 500 Euros. With € 1 thousand and 200 hundred, athletes Laura Fazlia and Shpat Zeka, while athlete Loriana Kuka with € 2 thousand and 400.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, said that through memorandums are assisted athletes who besides the successes in the country, Kosovo also brought medals from international competitions.

Meanwhile, athletes who signed memoranda of cooperation with MCYS today, congratulated and thanked Minister Gashi on the work he is doing in the field of sport, especially with memorandums, which greatly helps and facilitates the work of athletes.