Minister Gashi: MCYS is committed to the development of librarianship in Kosovo


Today has started the 16th edition of the National Library Week, the annual activity marked by the National Library of Kosovo "Pjetër Bogdani". This year the theme of the week will be "Education and Library Training" and will last from 10 to 14 April.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi attended the opening ceremony of the Week of the Library. He praised this traditional organization that has successfully addressed various topics by sensitizing the public on the importance of librarianship and the book in the field of knowledge and culture. He said the Ministry is committed to assist the good functioning of libraries in Kosovo.

"This activity, which has been developed for 16 years now, has managed to develop and address different topics and issues from the field of biotechnology, bibliography and the field of information by gathering researchers, creators, critics and drafters of cultural policies with the aim of shedding light on achievements, successes that have been evident, but also reflection on the issues, challenges and blockings in this area, to better design the solutions and prospects for advancing this field of critical importance to culture and knowledge in the Republic of Kosovo ", said among others Minister Gashi.

The Minister emphasized that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports is aware of the fundamental role of the library's role and is therefore committed to creating conditions and sufficient basis for the normal development of librarianship in Kosovo and has implemented and undertaken concrete actions by sponsoring policies in favor of publishing, supporting and distributing the book through building administrative and professional capacity and building a sustainable financial support system.

The Minister also mentioned the challenges faced by the library in Kosovo as well as the facility of the National Library.

"Despite our achievements, of course, our vision can not be called fulfilled when we are aware of the few challenges currently faced by the library network in the country, with particular emphasis on the Kosovo National Library, "Pjetër Bogdani". Days ago, by KNL management, we were informed that despite the investments made in the premises of this facility where we are today, again, collections and library materials, but also the entire space of the facility, are endangered by floods and atmospheric waters and those blacks that penetrate the object from malfunctioning of the infrastructure. As I have made clear to the Director and staff of the NLK, we will give our support in solving the basic problems of this institution of national importance, starting from the concrete problems", said the minister.

Minister Gashi, through the US Ambassador, thanked the US government, institutions and people for their continued cooperation and support for the library, focusing on the permanent and comprehensive friendship between the Republic of Kosovo and the United States.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, US Ambassador to Kosovo, Greg Delawie, Albanian National Library Director, Persida Asllani, Rector of the University of Pristina "Hasan Prishtina", Marjan Demaj.

While Prime Minister Haradinaj, who was present at the opening of the Week of the Library, among others said that "The Kosovo government comes a little ashamed in front of you because we are not paying time and attention to the book. We talked together to treat library infrastructure with respect, starting from this facility. Then relations with publishers and all book institutions and everyone who in many ways elevates our level, making us equal to other peoples ".

US Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie said libraries are one of the most important education institutions of younger generations. "Libraries are essential to educating young people, so we have sustained library activity on a continuous basis. Libraries in Kosovo face some difficulties, starting with inadequate buildings and insufficient funds for new resources, but these challenges all the libraries face in the world, but with the right approach they can overcome these difficulties", said Delawie.

In the framework of today's activities at the Kosovo Library Week, there was gratitude for those who contributed to the preservation and enrichment of the book. Minister Gashi handed a gratitude to Ibrahim Kuçi for enriching the Library with 9996 exemplars. Within the "Week of the Library", there was also opened the exhibition with engravings from the books publishing dedicated to Skanderbeg.

Also, Minister Gashi has participated in the sharing of library materials for children with special needs, "The Library in the Square - Children with special needs, future librarians", this event organized in the square "Zahir Pajaziti".