MCYS allocates 30 thousand Euros for the preparations of the judoka Majlinda Kelmendi for OG2020


Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kosovo Olympic Committee (KOK), Kosovo Judo Federation (KJF) and the judoka Majlinda Klemendi have signed today a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of financial support for the preparation of the athlete Kelmendi during the Olympic cycle for the Olympic Games 2020, according to which MCYS is obliged to allocate funds in the amount of 30 thousand Euros.

The funds by MCYS for the culminating judoka Kelmendi are allocated from the sports subsidies budget code and will be transferred to the Kosovo Judo Federation account, while the Kosovo Olympic Committee assists the KFJ in a comprehensive manner, oversees the respect for The Olympic Charter by the athlete and coach and notifies the MCYS on the progress of the athlete preparations throughout the Olympic cycle.

According to the memorandum, the judoka Kelmendi is obliged to represent only the Republic of Kosovo in international competitions during the Olympic cycle, to present the Republic of Kosovo in the Olympic Cycle and to respond to the Republic of Kosovo in judo wherever it is necessary to protect the colors of our flag.

Minister Gashi said that this financial support for athletes who achieve impressive results, such as the case of the Olympic medalist Majlinda Kelmendi, is a kind of gratitude from the state and an incentive for a better representation of our state in the international arena in the field of sport, which at the same time assists to a better recognition of our state worldwide.