Today, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports organized the event of marking the International Volunteer Day.

The event was attended by Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, Ambassador of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo Jan Braathu, and the Head of UNICEF in Kosovo, Dr. Brandao Co.

Minister Gashi thanked each volunteer for the great and selfless efforts for building a comprehensive society.

He said that based on our institutional competences and responsibilities, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has taken the necessary measures to create the space and conditions for the development of volunteerism by young people, and in accordance with the Law on Empowerment and Participation of Youth, we have approved an administrative instruction regulating voluntary work for Young People.

The Minister also expressed gratitude to OSCE, UNICEF, UNDP for their support, especially in their assistance for the implementation of the electronic platform as an important achievement of the Department of Youth.

Minister Gashi, among other things, said that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has taken over all the obligations arising from the administrative instruction that includes the establishment of the Commission for Voluntary Work and the appointment of an official who will be responsible for proceeding and verifying the data of volunteer work providers and volunteer youth in the electronic system.

Meanwhile, the OSCE Ambassador to Kosovo, Jan Braathu, expressed his satisfaction with the work of young volunteers in Kosovo. He thanked everyone for their cooperation and work and said that support for increasing the number of volunteers will be present also in the future.