The work on drafting two strategic documents for youth in Kosovo has begun


Today was held the first meeting for drafting strategic documents in the field of youth, namely "Kosovo Youth Strategy 2018-2023", as well as "Youth Action Plan 2018-2021".

Through these documents, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports aims to increase the capacities of officials and other stakeholders dealing with youth, at the central and local level, as well as representatives of civil society. This process will include municipal youth action councils, representatives of youth centers, thus creating opportunities and conditions for the best development of the youth sector in Kosovo.

Xhevat Bajrami, Director of the Department of Youth said that they are aware that youth is our most valuable asset, our most valuable resource and it is the majority of our population. The Ministry is committed that through strategic policies and documents to create the infrastructure of youth functioning, engagement and involvement as much as possible.

Despite the challenges in addressing the issues of concern to Kosovo youth, the Ministry is trying to overcome these, thanking the youth, contribution and cooperation of other actors, donors and international organizations that contribute to the Youth field in Kosovo.