Kosovo categorizes sports


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Shala, has signed the regulation on categorization of sports. This normative document defines the rules, criteria and procedures for the categorization of sports and athletes in the Republic of Kosovo, which will be based on quality and results achieved in international competitions.

According to the regulation, sports are categorized into four groups, separated by the letter "A" to "D", and these groups include federations based on points collected. Group "A", includes federations that have more than 70 points, group "B", 50 to 69.99, points, "C" includes federations which manage to collect 30 to 49.99 points while the latter group "D" includes federations that have accumulated up to 29.99 points.

Points earned, based on the Regulation, is assessed on membership of national federations in the respective international federations recognized by Sportaccord, by participation in the European and World championships, based on the results achieved in international competitions in the Olympic Games, in relevant Europe and world Championships, on the results achieved by athletes of certain federations, medals won by athletes and national federations. Another criterion for collecting points is that of the massiveness, to what extent can a federation manage to register clubs, the number of athletes registered, taking into account the inclusion, gender, people with disabilities and the criterion of ability that a federation has for capacity building.

The regulation already adopted, defines the procedures for categorization, form, application, documentation, deadlines, rights of appeal and financing according to categorization.

Minister Shala said that this bylaw facilitates the management of sport in the country and avoids possible confusion for sports federations. Simultaneously, the process of categorization of sports and athletes, regulated by this Regulation is intended to incite executive boards of national federations to engage in taking adequate decisions, by influencing the increase of athletes’ quality and sports advancement.

Regulation can be downloaded here.