Minister Dumoshi: Youth, the most potential part of Kosovo


In the framework of the Youth Month, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, met with representatives of youth structures and organizations in Kosovo, the Central Youth Action Council, the Youth Centers, the Local Youth Action Councils and discussed with young people about the field of youth in general where she was directly informed by listening to their proposals and the concerns that the young people of our country face.

Part of the discussions of the meeting, with emphasis, were the manifestations and activities realized by young people throughout Kosovo, and the support that MCYS provides for them, through entrepreneurship programs for employment, support of non-competing sports activities, support of activities with the aim of promoting Kosovo's cultural values, whether traditional or contemporary, by inviting young people from countries from the region and other countries of the world to visit Kosovo as well as organizing events on marked days as August 12 - International Youth Day, as well as the activities and materials supported in the field of health education and human security.

Minister Dumoshi said that the youth is the most potential part of our country and we as an institution constantly strive that this elite part of society becomes an active and contributing part in all areas of development of the country.

Among other things, Minister informed the youth representatives that the Ministry is in the process of drafting the "Kosovo Strategy and Youth Action Plan 2018-2023", which foresees to create a joint synergy where support will be further increased in order to achieve the foreseen goals related to improving the position of youth in the economic and social life of Kosovo.

The minister encouraged youth structures and organizations to focus on capacity building in general, especially for applying and securing regional and European projects, such as the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO).

Meanwhile, youth representatives expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the readiness of Minister Dumoshi and MCYS staff to increase support for youth, listening to their proposals, with the aim of drafting and implementing a strategy that encourages youth participation in the institutional and decision-making life of Kosovo.

Also, youth representatives praised MCYS's co-operation with youth structures and organizations, while also supporting non-formal education.