The German football expert Michael Nees, engaged in Kosovo


Today, at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, has been signed a Joint Declaration of Intent between the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo.

The declaration was signed by Minister Kujtim Shala and Angelika Viets, Ambassador of Germany to Kosovo, and aims to strengthen the existing relations between the two countries, as well as improve concrete cooperation in the field of sports. Through this statement, both sides have agreed about common interests and objectives regarding the promotion of sports, especially football.

The aim of this joint declaration of intent is to define the tasks of partners, namely the delegation of the football expert, Michael Nees, in the Republic of Kosovo, who, in agreement with officials of the Football Federation of Kosovo, will focus on the development and expansion of the infrastructure of football in Kosovo.

Furthermore, in consultation with the Football Federation of Kosovo, his duties are: basic and further training for trainers; Creation and implementation of a program to improve the structures of football at regional and national level, with a particular focus on children football and youth including girls and women’s football and football in schools; Organizing and conducting seminars and courses for basic and further training of trainers, teachers, sports trainers and sports instructors; Establishing a sustainable system of competitions and league; The involvement of regional federations (local) of football in the structures of national football federation; Support towards the establishment of representative youth teams.

The joint declaration of intent will be implemented initially for a period of two years, beginning with the arrival of the expert in the Republic of Kosovo, and its application can be extended to three or at most four years.

Minister Shala and Ambassador Viets considered signing of this declaration as a positive act and a sign of excellent cooperation between the two countries.