MEP Viola von Cramon visited the monuments in Prizren


MEP and rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, Mrs. Viola von Cramon, accompanied by councilor Mr. Mr. Paolo Beramaschi and the Director of the Regional Office of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Mr. Simon Ilse, yesterday paid a visit in Prizren. Minister Çeku, accompanied by his political advisor, Mrs. Nora Arapi Krasniqi and the Mayor of Prizren Mr. Mytaher Haskuka, welcomed them.

After the initial meeting in the office of the Mayor, the delegation started the visit at the Historic Center of Prizren; firstly they stopped at the Catholic Cathedral of “Our Lady of Perpetual Succour “, continuing to the Orthodox Cathedral of St. George, than at the Mosque of Sinan Pasha, Marin Barleti Street, the Monumental Complex of the Albanian Prizren League, Cinema Lumbardhi, Shadërvan Square and other monuments.

Ms. Von Cramon was briefed regarding the government plans and priorities in the field of cultural heritage protection, as a value that unites communities and contributes to social stability and economic prosperity. The delegation was also informed about important cultural heritage projects that are co-financed by IPA funds of the European Union, and funds of the Government of Kosovo.

The main topic of interest during yesterday’s activity was the protection of Kosovo’s cultural heritage in general and the security of the Orthodox Churches, in particular. Mrs. Von Cramon was briefed regarding the latest data from state and international security institutions, continual government investment in the restoration of Orthodox churches, multiculturalism and social harmony, and an advanced legal and institutional framework for the protection of the cultural rights of communities in Kosovo.

Thanking her for her great commitment to Kosovo, the member of the European Parliament was asked to give voice in European forums the truth about the situation of cultural heritage and Orthodox churches in Kosovo, in our joint effort to prevent the misuse of heritage for political purposes. It also requested her support for the Kosovo government initiative aimed at returning Kosovo archaeological and ethnographic artifacts that are unjustly kept in Belgrade museums.