Minister Dumoshi welcomed to a meeting the Director of the Center for Studies and Publications for the Arbëresh people, Diana Kastrati


Today, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, met Diana Kastrati from the Center for Studies and Publications for Arbëresh people, a recently established center, which is also the first institution in the history of the Albanian state with an exclusive focus on specialized studies that encompass the entire cultural, historical, literary, social and anthropological universe of the Arbëresh community, as a unique cultural heritage around the world.

During this meeting, Minister Dumoshi said that she feels honored by the visit of Director Kastrati, highly appreciating the preservation of Arbëresh culture and heritage. Minister Dumoshi informed Mrs. Kastrati that there is no lack of interest and cooperative activities with the Arbëresh. She added that such activities are welcome and have not been absent since the 1970s, through the International Seminar on Albanian Language, Literature and Culture where there were events for Arbëresh people, led by Professor Anton Belushi and many other professors. Even at the study level, the University of Prishtina organizes activities every year.

"The Song and Dance Ensemble" Shota "as a subordinate institution of the Ministry of Culture in its repertoire has the Arbëresh dance, which is presented at various cultural events accompanied by the Arbëresh dress," said Minister Dumoshi.

Meanwhile, Director Diana Kastrati said that the focus of this center is on the Arbëresh of Southern Italy and Zadar, Croatia and aims to raise awareness of the population through various studies that encompass the entire cultural, historical, literary and social universe of the Arbëresh community, as one special cultural heritage.

"My visit to Prishtina aims to establish contacts with key institutions, such as the Academy of Sciences, the National Library, the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Monuments, etc., to get into cooperation agreements regarding the productivity of Arbëresh culture", pointed out the director Kastrati.