Minister Dumoshi welcomed to a meeting the MPs of the non-majority communities


The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, held a meeting today with the group of MPS of the Assembly of Kosovo 6+, with whom she discussed projects in which the MCYS is expected to invest, with emphasis, those that are in the interest of citizens of non-majority communities.

Specifically, Minister Dumoshi discussed with MPs the topics and projects related to diversity and cultural dialogue between non-majority communities living in Kosovo, cultural heritage, restoration of buildings, especially in Prizren and cooperation, cultural and youth subsidies of sports for these communities.

On this occasion, Minister Dumoshi said that MCYS has continuously treated with care and priority the projects that have to do with and that are in the interest of the communities.

“Non-majority communities living in Kosovo are a wealth of our country which makes diversity one of the values that is valued and respected legally and concretely". The ministry I lead has consistently supported projects and ideas that benefit non-majority communities, and with its support the MCYS has fostered cultural dialogue between communities in order to build bridges of cooperation and avoid misunderstandings", said among others, Minister Dumoshi.

For their part, the Mps of the non-majority communities of the 6+ parliamentary group thanked the Minister for the reception and expressed their gratitude for the willingness to cooperate and support the non-majority communities living in the Republic of Kosovo.

MPSs presented the challenges of the communities they represent and briefed the Minister on the priorities that the MCYS expects to support. They said that after reviewing the budget, there will be a clearer picture regarding projects for culture, youth and sports.