Kosovan artists are successfully representing our culture abroad


As part of the activities to mark the 21st anniversary of Kosovo Liberation Day, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Vlora Dumoshi, met the actress Adriana Matoshi, who was recently awarded the prize as the best actress at the French Festival "See A Paris”, for her role in the movie“ Cold November ”.

Minister Dumoshi said that it is a matter of pride and good news that we have such talented actresses as Adriana. She expressed her gratitude for the contribution that the actress has given to the promotion of our culture and as a sign of gratitude, the Minister awarded an ocarina as a gift.

"I aim to support as much as possible the actors and those who realize and promote our genuine cultural values. It is already a known fact that the film is having success in the international arena alongside sports. Thus, at the state level, without a doubt, the presentation of our culture is being done through film", said among other things, the Minister.

Meanwhile, the actress Matoshi thanked the Minister for the meeting and the recognition given. She said that Kosovo has cadres and knows how to make excellent films. She spoke about her experiences, about the films in which she has been engaged and that she is working hard to convey messages that we as a country also have talents and professionals in cinematography.

At the end, Minister Dumoshi concluded that the participation and presentation of our artists in international festivals, in this case in France, shows the cooperation that the two countries have in the field of culture.

"I want to thank the French Embassy in Kosovo and through it the French government and people for all their contribution to our country, especially in the areas under the responsibility of the MCYS in many concrete projects that have been in the common interest", concluded the Minister.