MCYS signs memorandums of cooperation with two sports federations


Following the signing of memorandums with sports federations, today in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports were signed memorandums of cooperation with two other sports federations.

The memorandums were signed with the Motorcycling Federation and the Rugby Federation.

Minister Vlora Dumoshi signed the memorandums on behalf of the MCYS, while the heads of federations in question signed on behalf of them. These memorandums of cooperation were signed with the aim of realizing the objectives and goals of these federations for 2020.

During the meeting, Minister Dumoshi and the heads of the federations discussed the challenges and problems of the federations, and also the Minister said that she is committed to being close to the athletes in this difficult time of pandemic.

"I am extremely committed to developing the sports infrastructure in the country as much as possible, as we know that athletes are the best ambassadors of the country", said Minister Dumoshi.

Meanwhile, the representatives of these federations thanked Minister Dumoshi for the continued support she has showed for sports in our country. They expressed their contentment that through the signing of these memorandums, they will now have the opportunity to continuously achieve their objectives and goals for 2020, emphasizing that as soon as isolation has ended, they will be fully engaged to return strongly to activities and competitions.