From November, creators, performers and pro-fessional workers will have a pay increase


At today's meeting of the Government of Kosovo, the sixth consecutive year for this year, the Con-cept Paper for the Promotion and Salaries of the Creators and Performers of Culture and the Profes-sional Cultural Heritage Workers was adopted.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi in his presentation indicated that the Concept Paper aims at creating and developing cultural pol-icies, environment and mechanisms suitable for promoting culture, which is considered one of the most important issues.

In this context, the Concept Paper foresees the support of human capacities in the field of culture and cultural heritage, providing a dignified and meritorious treatment for this important category of society in order to enhance institutional performance and enrichment of cultural life and protection of cultural heritage in our country.

"Salaries and promotion of culture and cultural heritage workers are regulated by Regulation no. 05/2011 on the promotion and salaries of cultural creators and performers and professionals of cultural heritage, a regulation which has made an adequate and meritorious adjustment but over time have encountered problems with the issue of promotion of cultural workers and cultural heritage, in relation to inadequate ranks; inad-equate professional status and position; the problem of low non-competitive wages with the region; and unequal treatment of employees within the institutions",said Minister Gashi.

"By providing a competitive basic salary with the region, we will contribute to greater competition and in-terest of professional cultural workers for engagement in public cultural and cultural heritage institu-tions. With the adoption of the Regulation, we have provided the appropriate and deserving response on issues of salary systematization, grading and categorization of creators, cultural performers and cul-tural heritage employees, with this regulation we have created the preconditions for achieving the objectives defined in the program policies for cultural heritage and cultural heritage ", said Minister Gashi.

"Congratulations to all creators, performers and cultural heritage employees for the new increased salaries, worthy and dignified wages that provide a bright future for culture and herit-age protection", added Minister Gashi.