Volunteer work is certified for the first time in Kosovo


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in cooperation with UNICEF has certified 30 "Volunteer Youth Mentors" based on the Administrative Instruction for Volunteer Work 01/2016.

On this occasion, Minister Gashi said: "today we have an important day for all young people of Kosovo, especially for young people who are for the first time certified as volunteer workers, of course this process derives from the law on empowerment of youth respectively administrative instruction for volunteers ".

Gashi said that "When young people apply for work, work experience is re-quired. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to use the Ministry platform. The certificate recognizes one year of work experience. It is a fulfillment of our goals that all young people of Kosovo do not have obstacles during the employment application". I believe that this process will be encouraging for all the youth of the Republic of Kosovo to volunteer in community in all municipalities, organizations, institu-tions and to be part of all efforts to regulate the issue of youth concerns, and their problems “.

The Minister appreciated and close co-operation with UNICEF as an important partner of MCYS, pointing out that they are jointly determined to push forward the promotion of the concept of youth volunteering with the aim of motivating young people for community service in good of socie-ty.

"Today thanks to the joint work and the great support of our colleagues in UNICEF we are certifying 30 young people for Volunteering Mentors. As you know, this certification is of utmost importance and an impetus for monitoring the whole process of volunteering for all volunteer job pro-viders and volunteers ", the minister said.

UNICEF Head of Office, Brandao Co expressed his satisfaction for the cooperation with the Ministry and Minister Gashi. "It's one of the best examples of cooperation", said Co.

"Volunteering is a job that helps the community. I know that there are many volunteers in Kosovo who save lives and want to help others. By volunteering they also gain work experience".

"We are delighted that volunteering is globally recognized. Co-operation is not left in Kosovo alone, UNICEF has tried to distribute this experience to the world ". "We have over 3000 volunteers and 200 organizations that are interested in Kosovo", he concluded.