Minister Gashi paid a visit to the singer Nex-hmije Pagarusha in hospital


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, visited in the hospital, the Albanian “nightingale”, the singer Nexhmije Pagarusha after the accident suffered in her apartment.

Minister Gashi was informed closely about the health condition of the great singer Pagarusha and was delight-ed that her condition was good and fortunately did not suffer any worse injury after last night's acci-dent.

"I visited our national pride, the Albanian singer, Nexhmije Pagarusha, and I was per-sonally interested in her health condition and feel extremely happy and relieved that she is in an ex-cellent state and has not suffered any serious injury. I wish her a speedy recovery and on the other hand I want to thank all those who care for her health, from the medical staff and the students who have intervened to help our great singer", said among others Minister Gashi .

The Minister has offered full support of MCYS to the singer for anything needed.