Minister Gashi: Test match at Prishtina Stadi-um on 28 July


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Kujtim Gashi visited the Football Federation of Kosovo, where he met with the newly elected chairman, Agim Ademi, who was elected to head the main football in-stitution in our country after the death of the former president, Fadil Vokrri.

Minister Gashi, congratulated Agim Ademi for the position of the chairman of FFK, while offering continuity of support from the ministry he leads.

Minister Gashi said the electoral assembly was unique to con-tinue the work of former late president Fadil Vokrri.

"We are here to congratulate Presi-dent Ademi for the election at the helm of the Kosovo Football Federation. A consistency of great work done by the late President Fadil Vokrri. Most importantly, I am extremely pleased and happy that the delegates who participated in the electoral assembly and who have been extremely unique and responsible to continue the great work that the late President Vokrri had started and today I am here for them reconfirming the support of the Ministry of Sport and Government of Kosovo for FFK and all the players ", said the minister.

FFK Chairman Agim Ademi said that he offered to the Minister transparency and cooperation, "The Minister reaffirmed once again the support of the ministry and that will continue the cooperation. We offered the Minister transparency and continuous cooperation. We thanked him for the projects, honor and respect that has been paid to Fadil Vokrri".

Meanwhile, in the course of this visit, Minister Gashi and President Ademi inspect-ed the final works at the Prishtina Stadium.

"Every working day of mine was part of the dedication for the finalization of this capital project for football in Kosovo", said the minister on this occasion, making it known that there are still some days until the end of works at the stadi-um.

"I thank all the associates who have been involved with this project, employees, col-leagues, as well as the Football Federation and all UEFA inspectors. Today is an extremely important day for Kosovo's football sport in particular, and we are finally delivering one of the most beautiful sta-diums in the region thanks to the huge investment of 9 million Euros made by the Ministry of Sports. We have considered it as one of the largest capital projects. I hope that everything goes well within these two weeks", said Gashi.

Minister Gashi said that "not only is expected but has been our team work of the ministry, the federation and the company to achieve that goal, there is no di-lemma anymore, the games will be played here. The first test match will take place on the 28th, before that date, maybe we will have a friendly test match between the Federation, artists and politicians and then inaugurate it for the upcoming matches”.

Minister Gashi also spoke about the name and ownership of the stadium. "You know that the stadium is owned by the municipality and the deci-sion to name Fadil Vokrri is also taken by the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina. We all have proposed and agreed that the stadium be named after Fadil Vokrri and we have the consent of the mayor and the municipal leadership to keep the name of Vokrri ".

While FFK chairman, Agim Ademi, said the matches will start in September.

"According to the plans and the works that are done is almost the end, things are just being assembled and I hope and believe that the matches will start from September, firstly with the national team A and other football clubs".