The government approves the concept docu-ments on Cultural Heritage and Copyright and Related Rights


Today, at the Government meeting, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi has pro-posed for adoption two concept documents: Cultural Heritage and the one for Mediation Disputes in the field of Copyright and Related Rights.

Minister Gashi said that "The preservation and protection of cultural heritage remains a priority of MCYS and of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. The drafting of the cultural heritage concept paper is foreseen in the annual work plan of the Government as well as within the list of concept documents for 2018. The protection and preservation of Kosovo's cultural heritage properties, buildings and values and the determination of legal and tech-nical measures for inverting, researching, documenting, selecting, conserving, restoring, administering, presenting and promoting cultural heritage in accordance with the cards, conventions and other inter-national instruments is also defined in the national strategy for cultural heritage, said Minister Gashi.

"Approval of this document opens the way for working on drafting the new Law on Cultural Heritage as one of our priorities for advancing the legal framework of Cultural Heritage and fulfilling the obligations for Kosovo's membership in UNESCO", said Minister Gashi.

In addi-tion, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, in cooperation with other stakeholders, has drafted the Concept Document on Mediation of Disputes in the field of Copyright and Related Rights, which aims to harmonize this document with Law no. 04/L-065, as well as the Law no. 050/L-047 on Amending the Law no. 04/L-065 on Copyright and Related Rights.

The approval of this concept paper enables the initiative for drafting a Regulation on Mediation of Disputes in the field of Copyright and Related Rights.