Minister Gashi: The Sports Hall Project in Samadrexhë of Vushtrri will end within this year


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, visited today the sports hall in the village, Sama-drexhë of Vushtrri. During this visit, Minister Gashi met with Mayor of Vushtrri, Xhafer Ta-hiri.

After the inspection of the works, Minister Gashi in a media statement vowed to pro-vide funds for finalizing the project within this year. "It has been a phase project for three years but we are committed to conclude this year and we pledge to provide the budget necessary for finalizing this project. According to the project and the supervisory body there are about half a million Euros that we will provide to complete this project. We have allocated a part of funds but certainly with budget review as well as other alternatives we have pledged to finish this work this year and the funds will be ensured by October and November that we will be ready for the finalization of the project " , said Min-ister Gashi.

He also asked the supervisory bodies to intensify the work: "Today, we have urged the supervisory bodies to intensify the work and I encourage the Mayor and the Director to conduct daily visits to this facility in order to be informed about the dynamics of the works ".

Meanwhile, the mayor of Vushtrri, Xhafer Tahiri, said that "this is a sports capital project for the city of Vushtrri which is necessary for young people, for our athletes who will be in the function of sport development. Samadrexha village is known for its sport, for handball in particular. I believe that very soon the hall will be completed and the Ministry will respond very quickly to provide the funds needed to finalize the facility.