Minister Gashi hosted the Ensemble "Shota" following their success at the International Festival "Vitosha Folk Fest 2018"


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, received today representatives and dancers of the National Song and Dance Ensemble "Shota", after their successful participation at the "Vitosha Folk Fest 2018" International Festival, in which they were rewarded with the three main festival awards.

Minister Gashi congratulated the Ensemble for the prizes received and congratu-lated them on the work they are doing in promoting Albanian music traditions. "It is a great pleasure for me to have good results. You have made us feel good as the Minister as part of you in the institu-tional sense. I congratulate you on the achievements and the prizes you have received. "

He also said "the achieved results of the National Song and Dance Ensemble" Shota "make us feel proud, especially the results achieved in major competitions abroad".

The Minister thanked for his contribution and also suggested that the Ministry will continue to support the Ensem-ble "Shota": "we will continue to support you as the Ministry and thank you for the commitment and contribution you have given".

Acting Head of the National Ensemble of Songs and Dance "Shota", Nazmi Demaj, thanked the Minister for his reception. He said "The ensemble has always been and continues to be at good level. We have always brought out awards, in all the competitions we par-ticipated in, we were rewarded with first and second prizes".

Meanwhile, the professor from Albania, choreographer Fehmi Shaqiri, also expressed his satisfaction with the reception of Minis-ter Gashi. Talking about the successes and achievements of the ensemble "Shota", Shaqiri empha-sized, "We as an Ensemble have very big folklore and there is no bigger and more powerful ambassa-dor than the Shota ensemble.