Memorandums of cooperation for the restoration of the Carshia Mosque and the Gazi Mehmed Pasha Mosque have been signed


Memorandums of cooperation have been signed at the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments, between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the Islamic Community of Kosovo and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency for the Restoration of the Bazaar Mosque in Prishtina and the Mosque of Gazi Mehmed Pasha (Bajrakli Mosque) in Prizren.

Secretary General of the Ministry Veton Firzi expressed the pleasure of signing the memorandums and thanked the Turkish government for continued assistance in the preservation of cultural heritage monuments. He also said that the restoration of the two mosques would be in accordance with the law on cultural heritage. "Based on signed memoranda, MCYS's obligations are that the administrative part be done in accordance with the law on cultural heritage", said Firzi.

Meanwhile, Turkey's ambassador to Kosovo, Kivicilim Kilic, said that "with the works to be done, generations will benefit and these monuments will be inherited in future generations". She also said, "These monuments of our common history will be a strong link between our two peoples and our two countries."

Present at the signing of the memorandums was the Kosovo Mufti, Naim Tërnava. He said that "today is a busy day that these two memoranda are being signed for the restoration of the two oldest mosques in Kosovo. Mufti Tërnava also stressed that "The Sultan Murat Mosque or the Bazaar Mosque is the oldest mosque built in Kosovo, is a unique mosque within all the mosques in the Balkans, entirely built of stone."