At the stadium of Drenas will be invested 1.87 million Euros


In the framework of the visit that was held by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, in the Drenica region, stayed in the Municipality of Drenas, where he met with Mayor Ramiz Lladrovci.

The two discussed about joint projects being implemented and are planning for the future in the fields of culture, youth, sport and heritage. An emphasis was put on the national stadium and the stage at which this project of national importance has come to fruition.

The memorandum of cooperation between MCYS and the Municipality of Drenas was signed at this meeting for the construction of the Drenas stadium, where MCYS will invest 1 million 500 thousand Euros while the municipality will invest 370 thousand Euros.

The implementation of the project, based on the memorandum, is foreseen to be realized in three phases, respectively during 2018, 2019 and 2020. In 2018, the MCYS allocates funds for the project in question in the amount of 300 thousand Euros, while Municipality 120 thousand; in 2019, MCYS allocates 400 thousand Euros and Municipality 150 thousand, and at the last stage in 2020 MCYS allocates 800 thousand and Municipality 100 thousand Euros.

Minister Gashi said that with the signing of the memorandum it is possible to start the construction of the Drenas stadium so that it will be a sport arena and international standards that will be in service of football players and football fans of Drenas.

"We discussed various topics regarding the field of culture, youth and sport and heritage. With special emphasis we also discussed the national stadium for the procedures so far and the stages we have reached, but also with the municipality of Drenas and with the Football Federation of Kosovo we will also start construction of the Drenas support stadium which will be with synthetic grass. And I thank the mayor who has been ready and through the Municipal Assembly to allocate the parcel for this stadium", said Gashi.

"We as MCYS, commit to maximize our commitment to investing in physical sports infrastructure as a precondition for developing activities and enhancing quality, in this case football. I urge that the investments we make together are preserved and managed in the best possible way, so that new messages are sent to the message that assets and public objects are all owned by us and they should be kept better than private properties", said Minister Gashi.

The Minister has estimated that with the Municipality of Drenas as well as other municipalities in Kosovo, MCYS has regular communication and coordination and on the basis of budget planning, the ministry tries to be present with its investments in numerous projects.

On his part, Mayor Lladrovci said that through the memorandum they signed today, the Drenas stadium will take a modern look.

"I promised the Minister that regarding the procedures for carrying out the works or the initial works at the National Stadium will be ready to give all my contribution as mayor, but also as a municipality to establish the procedures as soon as possible and very soon see that the stadium has started being constructed, a stadium that Kosovo has been in need of, and a stadium that will be located in the right place not because our municipality was chosen by accident", said Lladrovci.

After the meeting in the municipality and the signing of the memorandum, Minister Kujtim Gashi and Mayor Ramiz Lladrovci visited the city stadium "Rexhep Rexhepi" and the place where the Kosovo national stadium will be constructed.