Hoti: The future belongs to the youth of Kosovo


Deputy Minister Rexhep Hoti, attended the meeting where the UNICEF's Western Balkans report, and the U-Report on Youth in Kosovo, were presented. Deputy Minister Hoti gave a speech at this event on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Here's his full word:

Honorable Regional Director Mrs. Khan, Dear Mr. Co, Honorable Youth, Honorable Representatives of Kosovo's Institutions and NGOs, Honorable Diplomats of various Embassies in Kosovo,

I am pleased to represent the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo in launching the U-Report for Kosovo within the U-Report for the Western Balkans, a tool for youth engagement spread all over the world

Kosovo for the first time in its freedom is experiencing the glamour of its generation, but politics must be careful that Kosovo's freedom does not remain without the young generation. It is the first time the new generation will be a generation that will also free your old age in post-war Kosovo.

The future belongs to the youth of Kosovo. We as leaders, parents, and various stakeholders in society need to work together so that our young people have a bright future with many social, cultural, academic and professional opportunities. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports works unceasingly and continues to emphasize the importance of integrating Kosovo youth from all over Kosovo into various institutional and non-governmental decision-making processes, in communication and debate among themselves, and in dialogues that take place at central levels and local ones that have to do with the development or improvement of legislation or policies that we as citizens of Kosovo have empowered in our service.

Law no. 03/L-145, empowered in 2009, on Empowerment and Participation of Youth" aims at the constant advancement and re-affirmation of youth participation in decision-making processes, without distinction and exclusion, towards the development of a democratic society, to improve the wellbeing of youth and their democratic status". In this regard, Kosovo's institutions are working without stopping in raising the level of engagement of youth in processes that are important to them, raising awareness about their rights as young Kosovars, as students, as a legal individual, about opportunities , services and assistance in various areas that is ready to be offered to all the youth and the Kosovo people.

The arrival of the U-Report in Kosovo will serve as a new and very useful tool for Kosovo for easier and more engagement of young people and Kosovar people in identifying, evaluating and prioritizing the difficulties we face as citizens in our lives our daily lives, as members of different communities of Kosovo, as students, as athletes, and as people looking for a brighter future in every sphere of life for us and our children. U-Report Kosovo will greatly facilitate the process of conducting various analyses and will accelerate the time of reliable data generation around the topics we seek information, and it will save a lot of funds as it will be provided via Viber, and Facebook, free media used by a large part of the people of Kosovo, especially from the youth.

We will cooperate with the U-Report Kosovo team to launch various surveys and gather information about the difficulties and challenges faced by the people of Kosovo, and we will use this data from thousands of U-Reporters in Kosovo to making programmatic interventions even more effective and efficient, and will thus be able to intervene and offer faster and more complete solutions.

Also, as a member of the U-Report Kosovo Board, our Ministry will promote in its social media the fullest and most comprehensive participation in U-Report Kosovo. This report will result in information that is essential and very useful to all central and local government institutions in Kosovo, for different NGOs in Kosovo, and as a tool for more effective, efficient and faster fulfillment standards and various social and institutional criteria that lead Kosovo towards full European integration.

On behalf of the Kosovo Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, I encourage all Kosovars of all ages, especially young people, to register as a U-Reporter for Kosovo and to voice their opinions in short and light polls which will be launched by our Ministry and various U-Report Kosovo partner institutions and NGOs that exist to help improve everyone's well-being!