MCYS organizes an informative meeting on standards and procedures concerning sports organizations funding


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has organized today a meeting with representatives of the Kosovo Olympic Committee and sports federations which carry out sports activities in our country. The meeting aimed at presenting the standards and procedures for funding of sports organizations by MCYS.

At the meeting were presented a descriptive report of the project/program related to the development of program policies in sport as well as the new accompanying documents that federations have to complete for their new way of financing. With special emphasis, representatives of sports organizations were instructed on how to complete the annual reports for purchases over 500 Euros.

Minister Kujtim Gashi, who participated in the opening of the meeting, considers it an event of special importance for sport and sports achievements in the Republic of Kosovo.

"The achievements and the successes that our athletes are achieving every day make us all proud, so appreciation and reward for the distinguished sportspeople (laureates) has a special meaning", said Minister Gashi, who emphasized how ministers and MCYS will engage in maximum support of the sport in general.

"Our institutional commitment has recently evolved in many ways, paying special attention to the regulation of the legal sphere, which will significantly affect the growth of the quality of the sport. The enforceability of the legislation in force, the amendment of many regulations and other acts are a clear indicator that we are committed to the essential improvement of this important field", the minister said.

Minister Gashi also talked about raising the budget in sports and capital investments where the MCYS for 2018 envisaged a lot of investments.

"There are tens of millions of capital investments planned for this year only in the field of sport, for which I am convinced that it will significantly influence not only improving the conditions for our country's athletes", the minister said, pledging that financial and institutional support for sport will not be short.