No match to be played in the Prishtina stadium without technical acceptance as it damages the whole project and investment, MCYS explains


Following the request filed by F.C. Prishtina and Prishtina Municipality for granting the permission to play the match between Prishtina and the football club Drita from Gjilan, representatives of MCYS, Prishtina Municipality, Football Federation of Kosovo, F.C. Pristina and the contractors have met at the stadium to analyze the new demand and the new situation created.

As the public was informed, the MCYS acted according to the recommendations of UEFA, where it proceeded with the notification of the negotiated contract for the purpose of realizing the project that will be completed on June 30, 2018, a contract which has also defined the plan dynamics with job-lead. Prior to this date, allowing any match violates the terms of the contract and constitutes a legal violation and damages the process in general. Therefore, as MCYS we are not even interested in damaging our investment at the Prishtina Stadium and we do not even want to get any possible penalties from UEFA.

We want to inform the public that the contract ends with the testing of the works executed according to the project which foresees the stadium to be prepared for category IV-four approved by the supervisory bodies of the works and finally the commission for technical acceptance should issue the report for the use of the stadium . The project ends with the testing of all positions from Project Contract Managers and the Technical Admission Commission that will issue a report on the use of the Stadium for the development of football sports activities by the FC-Prishtina Club and the Football Federation of Kosovo by submitting to the owner of the municipality of Prishtina to act on the management of the construction as an asset of state interest.

Therefore, according to the contract, all actions in case of non-implementation of the project or failure of implementation are in the part of the contract under the special conditions of the contract. Article 43, where it should be addressed criminal and legal responsibility over project failure, if it comes to something like that.

Therefore, we also want to clarify for the opinion that the contracted company for the execution of the works under the permanent supervision of the ministry has the mandate and responsibility for the executive side and the quality of the works stipulated by the signed contract, as the project is being continuously supplemented by Projectors under constant guidance and supervision of UEFA Inspectors.

We assure the public that MCYS is committed to completing this investment according to UEFA standards and in the shortest possible time, in order to meet the standards required for Kosovo National Team and Kosovo football clubs to hold international competitions in this stadium.