Minister Gashi meets with UNICEF's director, Khan, talked about youth advancement


In the framework of the visit that is being conducted by the UNICEF regional director in Kosovo, Afshan Khan, was hosted by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, with whom he discussed the close cooperation between MCYS and UNICEF as an important partner.

MCYS and UNICEF have co-operated mainly in projects and activities that have had links with the youth field in Kosovo, particularly for the volunteer work program.

The Minister highly appreciated the support for UNICEF's support in many projects. Minister Gashi briefed UNICEF's director on the steps taken by MCYS to improve and advance youth policies and life in Kosovo.

"We are in the final phase of the new Youth Strategy 2018-2022. For the first time we have established a youth fund for youth employment, worth 600 thousand Euros, and we have increased the budget for subsidizing projects for young people ", said among other the minister.

The Minister also informed UNICEF's director that they will focus on youth engagement and greater information on volunteering in all municipalities of Kosovo.

The Minister thanked UNICEF heads for their support for projects that were in the interest of MCYS, especially for the youth field.

Meanwhile, Director Khan is pleased to note that there is advancement in the field of youth in Kosovo, because Kosovo's youth are taken as role model in the state of Colombia and Malaysia.

Also, among other things, she expressed readiness to continue the cooperation between UNICEF and MCYS, highlighting the focus on innovation so young people advance in this area.