National Ballet of Kosovo for the first time in Paris


In its first visit to France, the National Ballet of Kosovo (NBK), in honor of the 10th anniversary of Independence, performed for 3 days in the mythical scene of Le Palace theater last week, offering "Recomposed" contemporary ballet for 20 performers, with choreography by the Frenchmen Christophe Beranger and Jonathan Pranlas-DESCOURS.

Under the "4 Seasons" sound of Vivaldi, edited by the composer Max Richter, "Recomposed" can be understood as a metaphor of Kosovo's current history. The dynamic narrative about a new, reconstructed, rebuilt state in the last 19 years, "Recomposed" brings to the stage young performers who two decades ago were refugees across Europe, pending the return of peace to their homeland.

"Recomposed" refers to the current state of Kosovo, its future, perception of traditions, something that all dancers share with Kosovo culture.

As a political act, ballet portrays the wishes of Kosovo society in the march towards universal individual freedoms, a complex but unstoppable process.

With its minimalist scenography and liberty, "Recomposed" offers the portrait of one of Europe's most isolated states, with closed borders and still under the tough visa regime, which fights every day to heal its wounds.

The Kosovo National Ballet was founded in 1972. The current director, Ahmet Brahimaj, is one of the founding members of the troupe. The KNB is very active and present on the international scene, taking part in regional and international festivals. Over the years, the KNB has collaborated with many choreographers and international bodies.

The arrival of the troupe in Paris was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports (MCYS) of Kosovo and the airline company AltaVia Travel.

The event took place within the framework of the "joint year between the two embassies", Kosovo in France and France in Kosovo, designed on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Independence of the state.

The emergence of the Kosovo National Ballet has started to be characterized by French media as a "promising, political, be noted on every agenda"!