MCYS invests 500,000 Euros for sports in Ferizaj


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi was received today by the Mayor of Ferizaj, Agim Aliu.

At this meeting between the MCYS and the Municipality of Ferizaj, two memorandums of cooperation were signed for the financial support in view of realization of the projects "Construction of the Sports Hall in Greme of Ferizaj", for which MCYS invests 300 thousand Euros and "Renovation of the football stadium in Ferizaj "for which MCYS invests 200 thousand Euros, which will be made during 2018.

Minister Gashi said that these investments are being made for the purpose of creating and advancing the sports infrastructure. "After these investments Ferizaj's youth and athletes of this city will have better opportunities to carry out their sporting activities. We as the Minister are committed to assisting municipalities in the realization of capital projects in completing sports infrastructure. Memorandums signed today with President Aliu are in this line", said Minister Gashi.

He also said that together with the President Aliu we agreed to jointly start the procedures so the Municipality of Ferizaj will have Regional Cultural Heritage Center. Minister Gashi also stressed "Today is a special day for all the friends and especially for the young people of Ferizaj, because today with the President Aliu we also agreed on the conclusion of the project for the Youth Center in order to create a space for young people to carry out their activities. We also pledged strong support for the Theater Festival. We are interested to make a new law on theaters by 2018 so that actors enter the payroll and that the activities of municipal theaters are funded financially by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Ferizaj, Agim Aliu, expressed his gratitude to the Minister, but also for the signing of these memorandums. "Ferizaj represents a center of cultural and historical importance and it is important to rely on special projects, especially the youth, which is also a special dedication of Minister Gashi", said Mayor Aliu.

"Today we also signed the agreement for the renovation of the stadium and we were assured the support of the minister for other activities since Ferizaj is a new city but with a great tradition regarding the theaters festivals", Aliu added.