Minister Gashi, MCYS will financially support trainers who have achieved success in international competitions


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, has signed today memorandums of cooperation with sports trainers, Driton Kuka, Shqipe Zogiani, Asdren Ahmeti and Burim Vraniqaj.

Coach Driton Kuka signed a memorandum of cooperation for financial support worth over 15,000 Euros. With 3,800 Euros is supported the coach Shqipe Zogiani, the coach Burim Vraniqaj signed memorandum of financial support worth more than 2,000 Euros, while coach Asdren Ahmeti signed a memorandum of financial support worth 1,000,000 Euros.

Minister Gashi said that through this financial support for the sports trainers, the program policies of the Ministry of Sport are being realized.

"Today we signed memoranda with four sports coaches. We as ministry appreciate the work of each of the trainers in their field because each has given a special contribution to our sports and sportspeople, as well as to the country by achieving success in sports and in international competitions ", said Minister Gashi.

Meanwhile, trainers, regarded co-operation with MCYS for financial support as a very important act in motivating and facilitating their work and realizing their goals for 2018.