Minister Gashi met the Head of Regional Water Supply "Prishtina" for resolving the situation in Theater and Library


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports After inspected the National Theater and National Library facilities where he has closely seen the problems faced by these two institutions, has met today the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Water Company "Prishtina", Ilir Abdullahu.

The meeting discussed the recent problems faced by the two cultural institutions, and Minister Gashi and Chief Executive Abdullahu agreed to coordinate actions to eliminate the problems these two institutions have in their facilities.

Minister Gashi thanked the water management for the rapid response and readiness shown. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the rapid intervention you have undertaken in disposing of waters today", the minister said.

The Minister urged the heads of the water company to jointly develop a project to eliminate the risk of water penetration in these two national cultural institutions, whereby both agreed to harmonize the actions.

"The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports remains dedicated to allocating additional budget for solving this problem", said Minister Gashi among others.

Meanwhile, the head of the company, Ilir Abdullahu, expressed the readiness and full support of the Regional Water Supply "Prishtina" that together with the institutions, ministry and the municipality to coordinate the actions and fix the current situation.

The parties also expect concrete actions from the Municipality of Prishtina to cooperate in solving these problems.