Kosovo's cultural presence in Francophone areas


Favoring of parliamentary cultural diplomacy was one of the topics of discussion at the meeting today realized by Deputy Minister Burbuqe Bakija-Deva with Guy Mettan, an MP in the Cantonal Parliament in Geneva, also Executive Director of the Swiss Press Club and Tahir Shabani, President of the Association of French –Albanian Friendship.

Among issues discussed at this meeting were also the deepening of the cooperation and organization of cultural activities in the continuation of the efforts for promotion and cooperation with international organizations between Kosovo and Geneva, France and Brussels.

The purpose of these activities will favor parliamentary cultural diplomacy for Kosovo.

The Deputy Minister considered the issue of cultural parliamentary diplomacy as extremely important and of great interest not only for the ministry but also for the other parties that promote our country.

"In the framework of ministry policies, priority is given to topics of dialogue, promotion and cultural diversity and the need for cooperation and exchange of good experiences with partners and friends is necessary and positive. Kosovo's cultural presence in French-speaking areas is a promotion not only of culture but also of the state of Kosovo", said the deputy minister, among other things, adding that many compatriots live and work in these countries.

Meanwhile, the Swiss MP said he feels pleased about the willingness of Kosovo institutions to co-operate and coordinate activities for the benefit of cultural diplomacy.

Apart from favoring culture, focus will also be on the fields of sports and youth in this cooperation.