Minister Gashi: The issue of sewage in the Theater and Library will soon be resolved


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi visited the premises of the National Theater of Kosovo and the National Library of Kosovo to inspect the facilities of these two national cultural institutions.

The minister has looked closely at the situation in which the facilities are and damages that are caused by sewage in their underground areas.

Minister Gashi after the inspection said that their situation is very bad and very soon the ministry will take all steps in coordination with the competent institutions and bodies, in order to find a quick solution in order to avoid the damages.

"On the occasion of the floods of water and the damage to the sewage system in the Theater building, I came to closely look at what was happening there. I urge the institutions and the water company to take the matter seriously. There is also located the power meter and it can create a bigger problem", said Minister.

Also in his visit to the National Library, the minister stressed that in June they will make a concrete plan to solve the problem of sewage, sewerage and the avoidance of moisture in the spaces where the specimens are stored. "The coming winter, the library will no longer have the problem of sewerage and humidity", said Minister Gashi

"We talked to the management about the interventions we will be doing during 2018. This facility has neither sewerage nor protection from moisture. We are working on the budget review and are looking to invest in the preservation of all those specimens", said the minister, expressing the dedication of the ministry for investment in the National Library". You see that we have inherited great problems, we are interested in intervening and investing quickly", he said.

Minister Gashi has also spoken about resolving the issue of permanent placement in its own facility of the Ballet of Kosovo. "You know that we are in the initial stage of building a new opera facility, with ballet as part of it", said Minister Gashi in a media interview.

Meanwhile, the heads of these institutions appreciated the visit and readiness of the minister to solve the problems in the physical infrastructure of the facilities.

Fazli Gajraku, director of the National Library, said there is an urgent need to fix the spaces so that the specimens are not damaged. "I think it's the best news given to culture for intervention. The library has two projects that need to be realized. The first project is to fix the heating, sewage problem and other technical issues, while the second project is the project of renovation of the library. An institution of great credibility has taken the National Library to enter conservation as an important project. Any company that will come, will have two projects which is not going to be allowed to work wrongly in any case in the intervention for the library", he said.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of National Theater Theater Kumrije Hoxha said they expect the issue of sewage to be solved soon. "I hope the problem will be resolved very soon because the performances can not be shown and I believe it will be done very soon", she said.