It has been laid the foundation stone of the Culture Center in Rogovë of Has, a 1.2 million Euro investment of MCYS


Rogova of Hasi will have its own Center of Culture. Today, the foundation stone of the Center has been laid, a capital investment of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, totaling 1.2 million Euros, which will last two years in separate amounts of 500 thousand Euros for 2018, and for the following year in this project capital will be invested 700 thousand Euros.

With the finalization of this facility, the residents of this village of Gjakova will have the necessary space where they will carry out their cultural activities.

On the occasion of laying the foundation stone, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi said that through the construction of this center, cultural dignity is brought back to the inhabitants of this village.

"In Rugova of Has, today we are laying the foundation stone of building a cultural center. The realization of this project creates conditions for the overall development of cultural activities in this region", said the Minister, considering it as a place that has had tradition of developing cultural activities.

"I wish the company that is carrying out the works to work intensively in order to finish this project in a timely manner", said Minister Gashi.

The minister said that this will not be the only project they are investing in Rogovë of Has, as they remain committed to the development of sports infrastructure for this part.

"We remain committed to working closely with all Kosovo municipalities and helping them to improve infrastructure in culture, youth and sports, because it creates opportunities and favorable conditions for the development of cultural activities", the minister promised.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, expressing the happiness of building the Culture Center in Rogove, said that this project will have an impact on the cultural life of Rogova and the surrounding villages.

"It's a project that has been in the drawer for a long time and now this project has come and I'm delighted as the mayor of municipality ... It's a project that will have tremendous impact on cultural life, but not just in the cultural life of Rogovë of Hasbut also the villages around", he said.

According to the inhabitants, the construction of this Cultural Center in Rogovë of Has increases the cultural, educational and social values of this area.

Present in putting the foundation stone was the PDK MP Andin Hoti, who said that this project will affect the empowerment and development of culture in the country.

"It is this house of culture for the empowerment of culture, for the development of culture, for the exercise of cultural activities that will help you and all of Kosovo", he concluded.