The Commission which will make the evaluation of sponsorship certificates in Culture, Youth and Sports has been appointed


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, has today signed a decision on the appointment of the Commission for reviewing and evaluating the applications for the issuance of sponsorship certificates in the field of Culture, Youth and Sports, with a two-year mandate with a possibility of re-election.

The commission will consist of 5 members, Betim Jahaj, Senior Legal Officer at MCYS Legal Department, in the capacity of Chair, while the four members will be as follows: Servete Lika, Senior Financial Officer at the Finance Division; Kamuran Goranci, Head of Division at the Department of Culture; Xhevat Bajrami, Head of the Department of Youth and Afërdita Fazliu, Head of Federation Division at the Sports Department. The members of the commission will be financially compensated for their work for the meetings held. The chairman will be compensated with 125 Euros per meeting, while other members with 100 Euros each, but this compensation is allowed at maximum for two meetings held during the month.

The Commission in its work will have all the responsibilities to review the authenticity of official documents and to ensure the full implementation of normative acts regulating the issue of sponsorship, Law no. 05/L-090 and Regulation no. 01/2018 on the Determination of Criteria, Procedures and Forms for Certificates of Sponsorship in the Field of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Based on the decision signed by Minister Gashi, regular members of this committee will be representatives from the Legal Department respectively Finance Division, while other members participate in committee meetings only in the review of requests that fall within the scope of the departments, namely, of the Culture, Youth or Sports.

Minister Gashi considered the appointment of the Commission as a realization of a legal obligation and stated that through this Commission are finalized the procedures that were foreseen by MCYS to be realized.

"With the appointment of the Commission in question, we as ministry have opened the way for sponosorization in the fields of Culture, Youth and Sports. Now the interested parties have a concrete address. This is one of the most important steps we have taken because the evaluation and expectations are great. This act that we have signed today and that the ministry has undertaken in cooperation with other institutions of the country, is the best thing that could happen to the areas managed by the ministry, because I consider that through sponsorship, concretely the orientation of a portion of the taxes from Culture, Youth and Sports will increase the activity in these areas and will also increase the quality, "said among other the minister.