MCYS awards scholarships to ten Olympic hopes totaling 18,000 Euros


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi pursuant to legislation in force, has signed today a decision to award ten scholarships for Olympic and Paralympic hopes, following the proposal of the Kosovo Olympic Committee and respective federations.

Scholarships in monetary value of 150 Euros for a calendar year (12 months) will be awarded to athletes: Distrash Krasniqi (judo), Donjeta Sadiku (boxing), Orges Arifi (karate), Akil Gjakova (judo), Nexhat Sahiti (shooting), Vijona Kryeziu (athletics), Melisa Zhdrella (swimming), Drilon Syla (wrestling), Leart Osmanaj (athletics) and Era Janjeva (table tennis).

This direct support for athletes who have achieved culminating results and have met the standards under Regulation no. 03/2013 on Awarding Scholarships for Olympic and Paralympic Hopes will be realized on a monthly basis.

Minister Gashi praised the decision to award scholarships as an extremely important step because some of our athletes who are considered to be the hopes of the respective sports of our country will have the conditions and will for better preparation and achieving positive results in the sports those athletes are competing in.

"This decision is made according to the foreseen legal norms and upon the proposal of the sports mechanisms in our country. This is a giant step of the Government of Kosovo, in particular of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, to stay close and support young athletes and talented youngsters in different and direct forms. Scholarships which are going to be awarded to Olympic and Paralympic hopes will be an incentive for athletes who have benefited to work and commit even more in their preparations and most successful presentation in local and international competitions. It is our dedication in the framework of the massivization and quality raising in sport ", said Minister Gashi.