Minister Gashi: The regulation on sponsorship will increase activities and quality


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, has signed the Regulation on defining criteria, procedures and form for the certificate of sponsorship in the field of culture, youth and sport, through which the general and special criteria for sponsorship, its certification and form, as well as the annual reporting procedure for the sponsoring.

According to the regulation it is foreseen that sponsorship providers, who can be legal or physical persons, local or foreign, must have their activity registered, licensed and fiscalized, and the beneficiaries whether they are physical or legal, must have the sponsorship registered in organizations, relevant institutions for culture, youth and sport, whether at the local or central level.

Minister Kujtim Gashi described this as extremely important sub-legal act that will directly affect the most the support of activities planned to be organized in the fields of culture, youth and sport.

"This regulation clarifies the way and procedures of sponsorship for those who want to do a thing of such. I encourage businesses and other stakeholders to sponsor culture, youth and sport, because it would thus increase the number of activities and will advance these areas. Through this new policy, we intent to increase quality", said Minister Gashi.