MCYS presented its achievements and challenges for 2017


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports organized the last conference for 2017, where Minister Kujtim Gashi presented the achievements, successes and challenges of MCYS.
Minister Gashi said: "Today we will present in front of you a summary report on the work, activities, results and challenges of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for 2017".
"Although I took office as minister in this ministry a little more than 100 days ago, during this period I was committed to implementing the Ministry's work plan, to continue implementing the projects that have been in process, but I have also pushed forward policies and projects I have proposed along with my cabinet", said Minister Gashi, underlining that" this year the Ministry of Culture has a budget of € 25,146,301 and we are pleased with the budget expenditure. To date, when we are reporting, this budget has been spent at 96% and reports on spending over the past two days are still being compiled, which can therefore increase the spending percentage ".

Within the cultural promotion policy, cultural activities in the country have been supported, including the activities of public cultural institutions: Kosovo National Theater, Kosovo Philharmonic Opera, Kosovo National Ballet, National Ensemble "Shota", National Gallery of Kosovo, Kosovo Cinema Center, Kosovo Film and National Library of Kosovo.
For the sake of cultural promotion, activities of independent culture, including those of associations and independent cultural organizations, artists etc. have been supported. During the year more than 400 projects were supported with a total amount of over 1,200,000.00 €.
Participation in important cultural events
During this year, Kosovo has participated in many important internationally renowned cultural events such as:
The 57th Edition of Venice Biennale, where Kosovo had its own Pavilion, and where we were represented worthily by the international Kosovan artist Sislej Xhafa. Certainly we have decided to continue our participation in the next edition at the Venice Biennale.
Participation in the 8th Edition of the Francophone Games in Abidjan of Ivory Coast - Kosovo's participation in these Games has been very important since it was the first time that the Republic of Kosovo was represented in this event. The Republic of Kosovo has been successful in these Games, winning two gold medals in judo, Akil Gjakova and Distria Krasniqi. Meanwhile, photographer Armend Nimani was ranked fourth in the best picture, while Astrit Kryeziu ranked fourth in 800 meters.
Kosovo's participation in the European Creative Program - One of the successes of our culture has been the adoption of the Creative Europe Program for Kosovo, and in January next year we as Minister will sign the Agreement with the European Commission, through which Kosovo will also receive funding from this EU program. Within the MCYS we have already created the Culture Desk in order to organize for promoting the organization of information sessions for the Creative Europe Program.
During this year, the Republic of Kosovo has joined the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA), which is a global network of art councils and ministries of culture. This membership enables access to an international network dedicated to the improvement and development of cultural policies, the creation of art funds, the development of the audience and the exchange of experiences and enhancement of cooperation.
Annual prizes have been awarded in different fields of culture, such as: Prizes for Original Albanian drama "Katarina Josipi", prizes for literature, theater awards, prizes for music;

Book and Library Policies
In order to support the authors and publishers and through them to bring the book closer to the readers, the following activities have been undertaken:
Publishing books (33 publishing houses and 33 authors have been supported)
Book purchasing and inventory enrichment of national and regional libraries (16 publishing houses and 63 authors)
Financial support for literary journals (9 magazines have been supported)
Supporting literary activities (29 literary activities)
Support of librarianship through the support of supplying literary titles and support of library activities (26 projects such as "The Carnival of Writers for Children", "Literary Meetings" in different cities, "Drini Poetics Festival", fairs of book in different cities of Kosovo and at the Book Fair in Frankfurt)
For the first time, MCYS has awarded this year the International Prize "Albanian Literature", which was given to the great writer Ismail Kadare.

Scenic-Musical and Visual Arts Policy
Within this policy, we have supported the activities of MCYS institutions, which besides the activity within Kosovo have also participated in many international cultural events.
Kosovo National Theater, in addition to realizing the repertoire within KNT, has made some serious participation of its performances in important countries of the region and Europe.
The Kosovo Cinema Center has scored numerous results in the field of film this year. Kosovo has had tremendous successes at international festivals, being present at many category "A" festivals, which indicates a rapid development of Kosovar films and we are pleased to justify the investment we are making in the field of film.
The film 'T'padashtun' by Edon Rizvanolli, the Kosovo nomination for Oscars, had the world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, a festival of category 'A' and one of the oldest festivals in the world. Then the same film continued to be shown at other category "A" festivals such as the Cairo International Film Festival, the International Film Festival in India Goa, and many other festivals and countries.
The debutant film by director Blerta Zeqiri 'Marriage', which premiered at the Tall Black Nights Film Festival, also a category 'A' festival, where she triumphed with two awards, the prize of criticism, as well as the special prize for the best ensemble of actors.
While the film 'Rooftop Story' by Gazmend Nela was premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival and the short film 'One Month' by Zgjim Terziqi, was premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival.
Kosovo Philharmonic during the year 2017 (January-December) realized 16 concert projects. The tremendous increase in the number of viewers of Philharmonic is a good indication of the performance and quality offered nowadays by the Philharmonic.
Kosovo National Ballet during the year has performed 6 premieres, has participated in two (2) festivals abroad in Austria (Graz), and in Bulgaria, as well as has held 52 replays. Ballet also performed in some of Kosovo's cities.
The Song and Dance Ensemble "Shota" has continued with numerous concerts. Has performed a concert in honor of the 9th anniversary of "Independence of the Republic of Kosovo" and in honor of 28 November, has participated in the great concert held in the framework of the KLA Epopee.
Ensemble "Shota" and the National Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Albania, have held the traditional Concert " T’i këndojmë pranverës " organized in the framework of the "Common Cultural Calendar".
Ensemble "Shota" attended the International Festival in Trabzon, Turkey, where it was awarded the second prize in the category of overall performance, the first prize for music and first prize for costumes.
This year, Ensemble "Shota" has received the title "Grand Master" by the President of the Republic of Albania.
The National Song and Dance Ensemble "Shota" has participated in the " XXIII (23) International Folk Festival" Plovdiv 2017 "in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Also "Shota" participated in the VIII edition of the "Fest -Argjiro 2017" Festival, in the city of Gjirokastra.
The National Gallery of Kosovo has continued with the regular repertoire, carrying out 12 exhibitions. During this year the Gallery became a partner of the international network BYCEM - (Biennale of Young Creators of Europe and the Mediterranean).
MCYS Gallery in the Artistic Program for 2017 has realized eight exhibitions.

International co-operation
As far as international cooperation in the field of culture is concerned, the agreement on cooperation in the field of culture with the Republic of Turkey has been signed.
It is agreed to sign a calendar for joint cultural activities with the Republic of Austria.
Also, the signing agreement between MCYS and the European Commission for "Creative Europe" was finalized, where Kosovo will win a fund to support cultural activities.
Legislation in the field of culture
In the area of cultural legislation, the Concept Document on the Grading and Salaries of Creators and Performers of Culture and Professional Workers of Cultural Heritage has been drafted.
It has been adopted the Regulation no. 07/2017 on Amending and Supplementing Regulation 06/2015 on the National Literary Prize for Life’s Work "Azem Shkreli" and Annual Literary Awards.


Work has been done on the protection and preservation of cultural heritage through the implementation of capital projects in the field of cultural heritage such as conservation and restoration projects and rehabilitation of cultural heritage assets.
One of the most important successes in the field of cultural heritage in my 100 days, said Minister Gashi, is the establishment of the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate within the Ministry.
The Ministry in the Cultural Heritage Policy for 2017 has implemented the activities set out in the Program Policy Document with the following:
Protection and preservation
Research and publications
Within the policy of protection and preservation of cultural heritage, the Concept Document on the Law on Cultural Heritage
In the aspect of legal protection, the Cultural Heritage List under Temporary Protection has been adopted. The list contains 1567 assets in all categories, and it is worth mentioning that this year, 46 new assets have been registered, including spiritual inheritance until no removal has been made.
Institutions subordinate to Cultural Heritage have prepared and submitted 92 complete files of cultural heritage assets for further proceedings at the Kosovo Heritage Council. Until the reporting period, I inform you that a working group is reviewing and evaluating the proposals for temporary protection for the activity of SHKA Agimi in Prizren and the Autochthonous Ensemble Rugova .
Within the program: Preventive measures - Emergency interventions, has been intervened in about 50 cultural heritage assets in all regions of Kosovo, with special emphasis on the Historic Center of Prizren, where 23 interventions on heritage assets have been carried out.
In the framework of maintenance and cleaning, various activities have been carried out in buildings with a protection status in total of 34 assets in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo.
In the field of research and publishing, in the category of archaeological heritage, those in the framework of capital projection and archaeological excavations with rescue character, the following projects were realized:
Ulpiana Archaeological Park
Prizren Castle
Harilaq Castle
The castle of Novobërdë
Castle of Dardana
The Castle of Keqekolla
Archaeological site of Dresnik
The Mareci castle
Archaeological excavations of rescue character were carried out in at least 9 localities in Kosovo.
It has been worked on the documentation of the spiritual heritage for the first time and it was realized in close cooperation with scholars and university professors, whereby have been documented 16 activities of spiritual heritage, which are also included in the Temporary Protection List.
17 projects of associations and non-governmental organizations that have been focused on the promotion of cultural heritage have been financially supported.
In the field of legislation, a conceptual document for museums was drafted and a regulation on the mandates of subordinate cultural heritage institutions was adopted.
In one of the important objectives of MCYS for cultural heritage, which is the inclusion of cultural heritage in development plans, it has been worked on the drafting of the Management Plan for the Historic Center of Prizren, the Management Plan of the Ulpiana Archaeological Park and for the Castle of Prizren.
With regard to the cultural heritage promotion policy, was done the cultural heritage promotion through publications, research, conferences and other activities that are part of the calendar such as "World Cultural Heritage Day, International Day of Monuments and Localities, Days of European Cultural Heritage, and others implemented by subordinate institutions, finally the promotion of the spiritual cultural heritage and the promotion of the Cultural Heritage Guide through digitization;
With regard to education policy, training and active participation in the protection of cultural heritage, MCYS, based on the agreement signed with the British Council, has offered 5 scholarships for archeology studies, 3 of them are beneficiaries, and two based on the Agreement with "Ecole Noramle Superieure", the French Embassy and the University of Prishtina we have supported 2 students.
During this period we have also designed the main project for the Museum of Natural History and the program for Spiritual Heritage.
In terms of promotion, almost every activity is promoted depending on the topic and/or the project approved. In accordance with the Regulation on Cultural Heritage Awards, prizes for laureates have been awarded.

One of the important successes of the youth field in the first 100 days of assuming office was the inauguration of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office in Prishtina, which was made possible through MCYS funding. This office was established by the six Western Balkan states: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.
With regard to strategic planning, the MCYS has drafted the Youth Strategy 2018-2022, which is expected to be adopted soon.
In the policy of support and affirmation of the youth sector and improvement of youth services, a number of youth capacity building projects and support of youth mechanisms have been supported to develop quality programs and services for young people as well as skills development vital for young people.
Youth organization projects have been supported which focused on capacity building for the prevention of violent extremism and radicalization leading to terrorism.
Projects for the development of programs for entrepreneurship training, grants and start-ups, as well as vocational training for retraining and the provision of internships have been supported. About 200 young people have been certified for professional training.
Regarding the youth participation component within the Youth Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2017, 49 projects have been supported within the framework of the implementation of this strategy.
Within the support and strengthening of the youth participation during 2017, through the support given to the Central Youth Action Council of Kosovo, have been established the Local Youth Action Councils in the Serb majority municipalities of Leposavic, Zubin Potok, North Mitrovica and Zvecan.
Co-operation and coordination with donors
In co-operation with the OSCE, MCYS has implemented a 3-month internship program for interns in Kosovo's public institutions, where about 20 young people have benefited. With Helvetas Swiss Inter-Cooperation from Switzerland for the Rural Employment Skills Project we are implementing the program in 12 municipalities in the eastern part of Kosovo, (eastern rural municipalities) in a very satisfactory way, and in particular by the DZHPR officials, this project in rural areas was praised.
The project "Training at Work" has been realized where 120 young people have benefited, the Mitrovica and Prishtina regions. Implementer: MCYS, MPMS, employment offices and private businesses.
The project "Sallonet" has also been realized where 500 young people benefited , in 10 municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo. Implementer: MCYS, Youth Centers, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and NGO "D4D".

One of the important achievements in the field of sports, of course, remains the decision to build the National Football Stadium, which has already taken the lead.
The Regulation on Categorization of Athletes and Coaches and the Regulation on the Categorization of Sports have been amended and supplemented.
Financial support has been provided to the Kosovo Olympic Committee (KOC) and the Sports Federations.
National representation teams have been financially supported in Qualifying competitions for European and World Championships, in Football, Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Wrestling, Judo, Karate, Boxing, Cycling, etc.
Material support for women's clubs, for participation in national and international sports activities.
Support of activities related to sport's massiveness at local and national level.
Material support in seminars for coaches, judges and sports administrators (professional staff).
Material support for projects that cover the marking of important national dates and traditional sporting events.
Support in organizing the activities of the Republic of Kosovo Cup.
Support of federations in raising professional cadres deriving from young groups (referees, coaches, administrators, etc.
Establishment of a medical staff to carry out standard examinations and tests for assessing mobility and functional skills (In cooperation with the Minister of Health)
Provision of medical equipment for the sports medical center;
Training the professional staff for work at the Sports Medical Center.

Regarding the sports infrastructure, preparations have been made for the construction of the Olympic Palace with the Municipality of Prishtina.
It has been invested in the Prishtina City Stadium in cooperation with the Municipality of Prishtina.
Works have been carried out on construction of the Auxiliary Stadium in the Municipality of Prizren.
Renovation of the Olympic Stadium "Adem Jashari" in Mitrovica
It has been invested in improving the field with synthetic grass at the Stadium "2 Korriku" in Prishtina
Placement of telescopic stands and seats at the youth and sports palace in Pristina.
Work has started on the annexes of the auxiliary fields at the football stadium "Ramiz Sadiku" in Prishtina,
Investing in the Stadiums: "Shahin Haxhiislami" in Peja, city stadium in Malishevë, city stadium in Suhareka, Zahir Pajaziti stadium in Podujeva, construction of the city stadium in Kaçanik,
In cooperation with the Municipality of Gjakova and Peja, preparations have been made on the construction of the Tennis Field.
Works on construction of the Sports Center in Dragash have continued, the Sports Center in Samadraxhë of Vushtrri
The inauguration of the Sports Center in Zahaq and Loxhë of Peja has been made.
Construction of sports hall at "Bajram Curri" school in Strellc of Deçan and in other polygons.


During this year a strategy against piracy has been drafted;
A Cooperation Agreement with the Republic of Albania was signed on the field of copyright and related rights
Among the most important achievements were the promotion of copyright and related rights; training of various interest groups, including judges, prosecutors, police officers, copyright mediators and lawyers; presentation at the European Intellectual Property Summit
The Task Force against Piracy has shown a lot of success during the year, seizing over 1670 copies of pirated materials (CDs, DVDs) and violators were fined and initiated proceedings at the competent courts.
In the promotion policy of copyright and related rights, awareness campaigns and promotional campaigns have been organized through promotional and educational activities held in secondary schools.
Challenging remains the functionalization of collective management respectively the signing of general agreements on general tariffs for the use of copyright and related rights


Laws that have been adopted during 2017:
Law no. 05/L-075 on the prevention and sanctioning of violence and negative phenomena in sporting events;
Law no. 05/L -090 on sponsorships in the field of culture, youth and sport
There are 9 Sub-legal acts adopted during 2017
MCYS, during this period has harmonized 7 laws with the Law on Minor Offenses.