Fadil Hysaj, Laureate of the National Prize for theatre Life’s Work


The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, based on the Jury’s evaluation for the allocation of Prizes in the field of theatre, established by the decision of Minister Kujtim Shala, announces theater laureates for 2016.

The Director Fadil Hysaj is awarded the National Prize for Life’s Work, which was nominated by the Association of National Theater Artists, the professional theater "Adriana Abdullahu" in Ferizaj, the Faculty of Arts and the Multimedia Center. The prize will be accompanied by a financial reward of five thousand Euros.

Meanwhile, the Annual Best Performance Show for 2016 is awarded for the show "Eshtrat vijnë vonë" with Teki Dervishi's script under Martin Kochovski's direction, nominated by Kosovo's National Theater.

The annual prize for Direction is awarded to director Sevdije Ajeti for the screenplay "Sapotlem" by Juan Jose Arreola, nominated by the “Euro Balkan Institute”.

The award for Best Actor / Actress for 2016 is awarded to ballet dancer Sinan Kajtazi, for the leading role Albert, at the ballet show "Zhizell", nominated by the Kosovo National Ballet.

The annual award for the most successful International Presentation is allocated to the Multimedia Center.

The other annual theater awards based on the theatre prize allocation regulation are accompanied by a financial reward of € 2500 each.

The jury was composed by director Agim Selimi, jury president, Ramadan Musliu, literary critic, Besim Rexhajt, playwright, Bislim Muçaj, actor and Bardh Frangut, writer and publicist.

Minister Kujtim Shala said that the prizes awarded by MCYS in the field of theater mean appreciation and appreciation of the institution for the contribution and artistic values that the laureates have brought through their work.