Kadare: The pure Albanian language and culture to be preserved


In the frame of the visit of the Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Rexhep Hoti, in France, where he had numerous meetings, he also visited the Albanian well-known writer with national and international fame, Ismail Kadare.

Hoti conveyed to the author of numerous works of literary art, Ismail Kadare, the interest of the Government of Kosovo, namely the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, for the health of the writer, following his successful operation that has undergone. Deputy Minister wished him health and continuation of creativity even further.

Hoti and Kadare discussed about strengthening the Albanian culture as a single trunk and increase cooperation and cultural exchange between Albanians. Furthermore, they discussed the orientation and pro-Western and European identity of Albanians.

Kadare instructed to pay attention to the pure Albanian language and culture preservation as a fundamental value of Albanians.

Also, Deputy Minister Hoti informed the great Albanian writer for the process of Kosovo's membership in important international organizations of culture, including plans for Kosovo's membership in UNESCO. Kadare expressed his full readiness to help the Republic of Kosovo to as soon become a member of this organization of the United Nations.

Kadare was invited to visit Kosovo in a near future. He accepted the invitation, citing it as an opportunity of meeting his readers to directly be in touch with them.