MCYS invests 600 thousand euro for the stadium in Vitia


In the wake of numerous investments in Kosovo municipalities, which aim at improving infrastructure of sports in the country, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, has signed today a memorandum of cooperation with the municipality of Vitia, whose purpose is financial support for the project "Construction of the stadium in Viti"

MCYS will invest in this project is 600 thousand Euros, while the municipality of Vitia, 200 thousand euro.

Minister Kujtim Shala and the mayor of Viti, Sokol Haliti, said that this investment has a great importance for the municipality, especially for its sportspeople. Shala and Haliti further praised the cooperation between MCYS and the Municipality of Vitia, in other important projects, which, as it was said, with their finalization, will significantly affect the creation of better conditions for sport and culture in this country.