Leonora Morina-Bunjaku

Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

Leonora Morina Bunjaku (1971)
Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

Was born in Gjilan, on January 2, 1971. She is married to Agim and have two sons, Leon 20 and Erion 18 years old.

University of Prishtina, Faculty of Philology, English Language and Literature in Prishtina,
AAB University, Faculty of Philology, Prishtina

Work experience:
Professor of English at the Gymnasium of Natural Sciences "Xhavit Ahmeti" in Gjilan since 1994.
She also worked at Oxford Studio, an English language school.
Immediately after the war she worked as a translator with the Finnish Red Cross, in Regional Hospital of Gjilan, as well as with the Dartmouth Medical School from USA, a project at the Health Center in Gjilan, also engaged in the Faculty of Education in Prishtina and College 'Gjilani' in Gjilan.

Entered politics in 2002, where she carried on her activities and in the elections of 2009 was elected as an advisor to the Municipal Assembly of Gjilan, likewise in the elections of 2013, at the same time being a member of the Education Committee. In the last parliamentary elections of 2017, she was a candidate for MP.

She has attended trainings in various fields, both in education and politics:

Developing Critical Thinking through Reading and Writing
"Developing teaching skills in piloting the New Curriculum"
Teaching reading strategies and reading comprehension effectively
Teaching writing skills effectively
The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching English in the Age of Globalization
Upon course completion "Women's Political Empowerment Training"
On empowering women in decision-making processes

Her main ambition is to create the best conditions in educating younger generations and support people with special needs, people in need and above all raising the society's awareness about gender equality.
In addition to Albanian and English, she also speaks Serbo-Croatian.

E-mail: [email protected]

Feime Salihu

Assistant of the Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport
Tel: + 383 38 200 22 019
E-mail: [email protected]