The Museum opened the first phase of the project "Prishtina: The City of Honor and Gratitude"


At the Museum of Kosovo was opened the exhibition "Prishtina: City of Honor and Gratitude", organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kosovo Museum and US Embassy in Kosovo, where artistic works showing on the Prishtina Road through various historical stages were presented.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi participated in the opening of the exhibition, who considered this work as a wonderful job, which will rank Prishtina among the world cities bearing the seal of peace-building.

"As Minister of Culture, I would like to congratulate you all on the project, and today all of us have a reason to feel good about the fact that until this stage you have succeeded in successful completion of the commitments and your duties", said Minister Gashi, pledging that MCYS will continue to support the management of the Kosovo Museum, so that the monumental works as well as the art documents that were created in the second phase will be promoted and sent to other places, as part of the dedication to show the story of Pristina and Kosovo, through these extraordinary works.

"We have many reasons to do so. First, the commitment of the state and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for the continuous building of peace, tolerance and understanding with the contents of the project goals and messages developed in both phases are in complete harmony with each other. Therefore, we have reason to feel well that our cultural heritage institutions, in this case, the Kosovo Museum, with the help of the support programs of our largest US ally, are achieving the extraordinary success of these commitments for peace of understanding and tolerance ", the minister said.

He urged students and project leaders together with their mentor Ellen Frank to give their best in their work so that they reflect the values of the Republic of Kosovo in an excellent way. "Artwork sometimes speaks more and more strongly than the words of politics," said among others Minister Gashi.

Ellen Frank, artistic director of the "Cities of Peace" organization - advisory expert from the Fullbright Specialist Program, said that this is not personal work, but of all, and has thanked the new artists of today's works and has decorated them.

"This is not for me, it is for you, and it is done by you. I want to tell you a short story, there are different stories and one of those I like is that of golden light. The golden light is you. It is our duty, with the government, ministries, artists, professors, to seize these shards of light and unite them".