Division for Public Communication

The Office for Public Communication (OPC) of MCYS responds to the Office of Secretary General. The work, duties and responsibilities of the OPC are regulated by the Regulation on Governmental Communication with Public.

OPC of MCYS has its structure, tasks and functions. In the OPC structure, the head of the hierarchy is the Director of OPC, respective officials for work coordination and public communication, publication, media monitoring and analysis, acceptation of the requests for the access to public documents as well as the update and maintenance of the official web of the Ministry.

Main duties of the OPC are as follows: providing professional support to the Ministry, its spokesperson, providing advice on appropriate policy presentation, Ministry’s works and actions. Also, OPC carries out the preparations, maintenance and implementation of communication plan based on the working plan of the Ministry, while applying effective communication techniques, it also cooperates with the spokesperson of the Ministry for organization of press conferences and interviews, among its duties are also compilation and the issue of press releases, declarations, reports and other publication to the public and it carries out the updating and maintenance of information of the official web page of the Ministry and it manages the e-mail address for public communication.

While, in a close cooperation with the Unit on media monitoring in OPC-OPM, it provides daily reports of media presentation of ministerial policies and activities for the Ministry, Ministry ‘s spokesperson, political advisers and senior officials of the Ministry, it receives and reviews initial requests for the access on official documents as well as carries out all responsibilities determined in the Law on the access to public documents for the responsible unit for communication with citizens and it prepares the annual report for the implementation of the Law on access to public documents which submits to OPC – OPM.


Osman D. GASHI

Head of Division for Public Communication

Tel: 038 213 589

@: [email protected]


Senior Officer for Information

Tel: 038 211 513

@: [email protected]

Zamira Ahmeti

Officer for Information and Media Monitoring
and Access to Public Documents

Tel: 038 200 22273

@: [email protected]