Molla Kuqe 3

(film i animuar/animation)
Produksioni/ Production: Çak Consulting
Skenari/ Screenplay: Mentor Berisha
Regjia/ Director: Mentor Berisha

Kaseta e Martesës

(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/ Production: Qendra Production (Kosovo) & Detail Film (Germany)
Skenari/ Screenplay: Ariel Shaban
Regjia/ Director: Ariel Shaban
Dop: Gazmend Bajri
Producer: Arben Zharku
Aktorët: Astrit Kabashi, Yllka Gashi, Fatmir Spahiu, Çun Lajçi.
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 18min
Sinopsis: THE WEDDING TAPE is the story of a man who is ready to leave home but through a fake wedding finds himself wanting to stay. We are taking the idea for an arranged marriage to another level, having it function as a revelation for the love for your country, culture and people. In these times of emigration we want to give an example for the things and values that people leave behind. The brightest future is sometimes not on the horizon but right in front of you.


(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/ Production: Circle Production
Skenari/ Screenplay: Arzana Kraja
Regjia/ Director: Arzana Kraja
Dop: Fitim Shala
Aktorët/ Actors: Kaona Sylejmani, Bislim Mucaj.
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 20min
Sinopsis: Story without dialogue about Shkurta, fifth girl in the family. Shkurta and her father survive the war, but confront with the pain, feeling of guilt and non-communication with each other.


(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/Production: Ajo Pictures
Skenari/ Screenplay: Besian Hysaj
Regjia/ Director: Ujkan Hysaj
Dop: Samir Karahoda
Aktorët/ Actors: Sunaj Raça, Arbnesha Grabovci, Irena Cahani, Don Raça, Enis Krapi, Vllado Jovanovski, Bislim Muqaj.
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 28min
Sinopsis: Kosovo 1999. A row of refugees get stopped at Serbian checkpoint. Serbian paramilitary get Adem and two boys, his son and his nephew, out from the car. Adem tries to pay for the lives of children, but hasn't enough money. They say to him he can save only one child with that money. He has to decide which one to save.

Agnus Dei

(metrazhi i gjatë/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: A.S. Film Production
Skenari/ Screenplay: Agim Sopi
Regjia/ Director: Agim Sopi
Dop: Menduh Nushi
Aktorët/ Actors: Astrit Alihajdaraj, Dafina Berisha, Zaklina Ostir, Enver Petrovci, Çun Lajçi, Bajrush Mjaku.
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 110 min
Sinopsis: 'Agnus Dei' is a kind of Oedipus of our days. A young man Peter, who is around thirties, lives a desperate life with his mother Maria and her husband Stojan in one village of Serbia. Peter is born in Kosova from a forbidden love between his mother Maria and the young Albanian man, but for this he is not aware Is the period of time when the relations between Serbs and Albanians are inimical, exactly is the time of the beginning of war. Peter is forced by his mother and the others to go to the war. He intends to escape the war and goes to the West. He is mobilized forcefully in one paramilitary unit in Kosova's war. In one action prepared as a revenge, he kills his father Dini whom he never had the chance to meet. Being not able to bear the arbitrary crimes, Peter, deserts from the army. He takes Dini's daughter Maria and together they escape to the mountains. During their dangerous trip they are followed from both sides of enemies, Serbs and Albanians. Peter and Maria fell in love. They reach to come back in Peter's home in Serbia. As soon as they returne home, Peter realizes that he had killed his biologic father and he had fall in love with his sister. Not being able to stand this spiritual condition he commits a suicide.

Jeta është e ëmbël

(film dokumentar / documentary)
Produksioni/ Production: N.SH. Viki Movie Theatre Productions
Skenari/ Screenplay: Sabri Pajaziti
Regjia/ Director: Sabri Pajaziti

Ujku i Vetmuar

(film dokumentar / documentary)
Produksioni/ Production: N.F. Crossing Bridges Productions
Skenari/ Screenplay: Casey Cooperjohnson
Regjia/ Director: Antoneta Kastrati


(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/ Production: MF Group
Skenari/ Screenplay: Arian Krasniqi
Regjia/ Director: Arsim Haliti

E Kuqja

(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/ Production: Frame
Skenari/ Screenplay: Gazmend Nela
Regjia/ Director: Gazmend Nela

Si Qeni n'Rrush

(metrazhi i shkurtër/ short film)
Produksioni/ Production: Koperativa
Skenari/ Screenplay: Driton Hajredini
Regjia/ Director: Yll Çitaku & Driton Hajredini

Heroi / The Hero

(metrazhi i gjate/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: Iliria Film
Skenari/ Screenplay: Luan Kryeziu
Regjia/ Director: Luan Kryeziu
Dop: Roger Simonsz
Music: Billy Cobham
Aktorët/ Actors: Arben Bajraktaraj, Adriana Morina, Cun Lajci, Salahudin Bilal, Enver Petrovci, Xhemi Aga
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 112min
Synopsis: The social circumstances accompanying, political and economic influence in changing the main character, who had the principle virtues. Love, honesty sincerity kneel towards economic problems which affect the changing the behaviors of individuals, family and associate relationships.

Kodi i Jetës / The Code of Life

(metrazhi i gjate/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: Labia Film
Skenari/ Screenplay: Ekrem Kryeziu
Regjia/ Director: Ekrem Kryeziu
Dop: Shukri Kaqaniku
Aktorët/Actors: Xhevat Qorraj, Ilir Tafa, Mentor Zymberaj, Shpetim Kastrati, Bubulina Laji, Un Laji, Fatime Sefaj
Kohëzgjatja/ Length: 115min
Synopsis: The movie "Code of Life" narrates the sad story of several characters during the war in Kosova 1998-1999. "Code of Life" is based on the conflict between the humane and the inhumane sides. "Code of Life" is sequenced into three dramaturgical points of view, which interlink with each other as the film progresses, and as we come closer to the end everything falls into its place. The movie ends with the triumph of the humane side.

Lahutari i Fundit

(film dokumentar / documentary)
Produksioni/ Production: A.S. Vizioni
Skenari/ Screenplay: Dardan Luta
Regjia/ Director: Sahit Kokolli


Kulla e Sahatit

(metrazhi i gjate/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: Koperativa
Skenari/ Screenplay: Yll Çitaku
Regjia/ Director: Yll Çitaku

Përtej Rrugës

(metrazhi i gjate/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: Koperativa
Skenari/ Screenplay: Yll Çitaku
Regjia/ Director: Yll Çitaku

Gomarët e Kufirit

(metrazhi i gjate/ feature film)
Produksioni/ Production: Film Mission
Skenari/ Screenplay: Jeton Neziraj
Regjia/ Director: Jeton Neziraj