Minister Kujtim Gashi signs the regulation that will eradicate negative phenomena in sport


Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi, met the members of the National Council for the Prevention and Sanction of Violence and Negative Phenomena at Sports Events, which consists of five members.

This Council, which is a permanent body with interinstitutional representation, is composed of one member from the State Prosecution, who will be chairman of the National Council, one member from the General Directorate of Police, one from the Kosovo Olympic Committee, one member from the federation and one member from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Minister Gashi on this occasion also accepted and signed the regulation that was conducted by the working group on the organization, functioning, duties and responsibilities of the National Council for the Prevention and Sanction of Violence and Negative Phenomena at Sports Events.

The Minister congratulated the members of the National Council for taking on this important task and instructed them with the greatest responsibility to carry it out and engage in maximum to eliminate the negative phenomena in sport. He said that the Council will have maximum support from him and MCYS.

The regulation in question, which the Minister has signed, defines the duties, responsibilities and competencies of this National Council. This national body can develop policies and strategies to prevent violence and other negative phenomena at sport events, coordinate activities to prevent and sanction violence and other negative phenomena, identify causes and factors that lead to violence, assess whether a sports events are high risk, closely monitor sporting events, advise competent bodies to investigate violence and other negative phenomena in sport, cooperate with local and international organizations in exchange of experiences on violence prevention.

Under the regulation, the National Council will have as its secretary one of the MCYS officials.

The chairman, members and secretary of the National Council shall be compensated for meetings, which may be held no more than two of such within a month.